AQ Technology

Looking for distributors and importers of water purifiers and water softeners in India

The A.Q. Technology company was established in 2011 with the goal of designing and developing systems for treating our most precious resource: water.

It operates in the domestic, civil, nautical, industrial, and agricultural sectors, offering technologically innovative and customised solutions to meet a wide range of specific requirements.

Having always been engaged in its sector of competence, every day the company offers its target market advanced technological solutions and products designed to purify water of viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals, without altering its natural organoleptic properties or eliminating the minerals required by the body.

Driven by a passion for quality, the team focuses its attention upon the customer’s expectations and works hard each day to guarantee the highest standards of excellence. They make targeted investments in the continuous pursuit of innovative and high-tech solutions, as well as the optimisation of pre-existing solutions.

The company’s policy is based on environmental sustainability and is manifested through the production of energy efficient systems created using eco-compatible materials. A.Q. Technology’s products are designed to ensure maximum water efficiency with minimal environmental impact, thus reducing water waste and the consumption of glass and plastic bottles, while at the same time protecting our natural resources for a better future.

In order to meet clients’ ever-changing needs, the team has created a vast range of products that are suitable for use in the private sector as well as in the restaurant and industrial sectors. Carbonation machines for use in hotels, gyms and office buildings, and water purifiers designed to render civil water resources truly potable.

DePurissimo – water purifier for home

The Depurissimo model contains the most advanced system for treating water destined for domestic use within a compact and robust structure..The true innovation of the Depurissimo model lies in the presence of an integrated UVC lamp, capable of destroying any bacterial colonies that may be present in the water, particularly those that can form in water pipes after extended periods of disuse. The entire purification system is controlled by an electronic anti-flooding control unit.

DePuro – filtration unit

The Depuro model is the basic version of our water purifier for home use. It meets the various needs of our customers by offering them the possibility of using multiple filter cartridges, while guaranteeing the direct dispensing of great tasting, purified water at any time of day. You can minimise your water waste and enjoy great tasting, purified water directly from your tap.

DeCal – water softener

The Decal model is an electronic water softening system that emits electronic pulses to impede the fusion of these elements, thus destroying any limescale deposits that may be present and preventing their future formation. Furthermore, by combining the efficiency of the Decal unit with the functionality of the Depuro or Depurissimo models, you can obtain great tasting water that’s good for both your body and your plumbing system.

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