Aru Eyewear

Looking for Importers. Distributors and Retailers to bring made in Italy eye wear products to India

Aru Eyewear has the gaze of those who know how to assert themselves and experiment without ever getting lost. In each of his pieces, the history of Italian eyewear resonates boldly, flowing fast in to the clear Made in Italy vision of the future of the brand. Crafts and new technologies are what it has been feed with to flourish day after day.

The 3 Aru collections are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy with valuable elements exclusively Italian.

The line dedicated to precious stones, the most recent creation by Aru, is an immersion in the world of excellent acetate made in Italy. A world that makes the sinuosity of the lines and the modern versatility of the colors, an essential creative trigger for people who love to like and enjoy themselves. The metal has become a valuable element in the Aru production, with the line dedicated to fashion streets. A journey through the urban atmospheres of the most evocative and fascinating avenues of the world’s fashion capitals, with the awareness of being in your pocket and in the eyes the will to appear. The flower line is Aru’s first creation. The dream come true; the bet was won. The first great love, made of metal, acetate, and with a heart worthy heir of the Italian fashion tradition.

Aru is looking for importers, distributors and importers in India to bring their exclusive made in Italy products to India.

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