Looking to license their patented technology to telecommunication, railways and infrastructure companies in India

Fonsider srl is an innovative organisation that has patented a new technology (controlled vibro-driven) for the production of steel foundations of civil works, railways and infrastructure.

Fonsider solutions of foundations are of 3 types F2C, F4L and FL with various possible uses, all solutions are traceable to the Italian patent (and international PCT with analysis reports already received with very positive results):
1. Foundations for steel building structures
2. Foundations for noise barriers
3. Foundations for rockfall barriers
4. Foundations for prefabricated wooden houses
5. Foundations for wooden building structures
6. Foundations for telecommunications towers (gsm)
7. Foundations for temporary structures (for shows, for the army, for disasters, …)
8. Foundations for lighting poles, traffic lights, video surveillance, signage, ….
9. Foundations for above ground pipelines
10. Foundations for power distribution network poles
11. Foundations for light towers
12. Foundations for overhead line support columns of railway network

Fonsider wishes to commercialize this technology by creating exclusive/non-exclusive licenses throughout the globe. In India, the Italian Trade Agency Mumbai is looking for players from the railways, infrastructure and telecommunications industries to license this breakthrough patented technology.

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