GPA s.r.l

Looking for Importers in India

GPA S.r.l is an Italian company that manufactures watches. The company has a background of 30-years’ experience in watchmaking. The watches have the sophistication of Italian design, luxury quality and engineering. International management runs business all over the world and makes GPA a multinational company with a global sales network.

GPA S.r.l is the owner of 2 main brands:

LANCASTER: Launched in 1992 as chief brand and core business of the company, established itself globally as one of the most prestigious brands in fashion watches. Its production includes fashion and elegant watches and accessories

STRUMENTO MARINO: High tech brand introduced in 2012, dedicated to sea activities and extreme sports. Uniqueness and high performance make a range of watches perfect for any challenge

GPA S.r.l is keen to bring their collection to the Indian consumers, and with this agenda, they would like to connect with importers in India. They are receptive to collaborate in the traditional manner for importing or via e-commerce platforms as well.

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