Insula Body Care

Looking for Importers and Distributors in India

Insula Body Care focuses on 100% natural body products and 100% biodegradable products, all of which are assimilated in the company’s laboratories located in the South of Italy-Sardinia. The company takes pride in their handmade outdoor line products such as soaps, oils, scrubs which are suitable for skins at all ages.

Soaps: Their Soap Bars made from the finest natural ingredients those of which are in specific to Donkey Milk, Goat Milk, essential oils of lentisk – an evergreen shrub grown wild in Sardinia, Lidone scrub soap which is a blend of strawberry tree fruit, grape seed oil and the essential oils of geranium, citrus fruit and wild chamomile, which cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

Liquid Soaps: The anti-inflammatory properties of the helicrysum in a liquid soap can be used for hands, face and body, leaving the skin moisturized and soft. Its warm and delicate fragrance makes it ideal for all the family

Face Oils: Froriu – face oil is a precious face treatment that provides protection to face, neck and eye-contour skin from exposure to harmful UV rays, wind and pollution. It is easily absorbed and can be used as moisturizing day and night cream, also before your usual makeup. With prickly pear, mastic, helichrysum, apricot, rice, borage, grape seed and rosa mosqueta oils.

Lip Balms: Moisturizing, protective and anti-inflammatory, Suave lip balm is made by 100% natural ingredients and contains bee wax and helychrisum extract from Sardinian spontaneous flora. Delicate liquorice scent.

Hair Care range: Shampoos, Solid Conditioners & Shampoos in a Bar form, Camp Soaps, etc. enriched with wheat proteins, linseed and castor-oil plant oil and lemon oleolite. It delicately rinses the hair and the scalp leaving them bright and strengthened, without drying.

Insula Body Care is looking for importers and distributors in India, in the cosmetic sector

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