Flipkart Project – Italian Mall

Flipkart Project Looking for importers to bring authentic Italian brands to the Indian market

An unmatched sense of design and style is Italy’s first and foremost identifier, and this is not happenstance. One needs only to think of names like Ferrero or Armani to understand the power of Italian creative intelligence on the international scene. The promotion of Italian excellence and creativity within the “Made in Italy” initiative is the focus of this project. It allows the Indian to delve into the most influential areas of the Italian lifestyle: Fashion, Design, and Food.

The Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in partnership with Flipkart is delighted to introduce the “Italian Mall-Made in Italy” store. The Italian Mall is a government initiative to promote Italian culture and products in India through collaborative partnerships between Indian and Italian players. 

ITA is investing in Flipkart solutions for the promotion of Italian companies on the Indian consumer market.  The promotions are expected to create engaging storytelling, generate important KPI prospect results, promote and provide visibility, and any possible help to generate sales of Italian products. ITA is also supporting and boosting the project through strategic digital campaigns and offline marketing to reach the key target segments interested in authentic “Made in Italy” products.

ITA is currently looking for Indian Importers to bring authentic Italian brands, looking to participate in the Flipkart project, to the Indian consumer market. The following Italian Jewellery, Cosmetics, Eyewear, and Pet Foods brands have expressed interest in the project and the Indian market. Please write to us if you’re an importer who would be interested in doing business with any of the brands listed below!

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