Queen International

Looking for Local Publishing Partners in India

An Italian company “Queen International” which is a beauty centric magazine targeting the all-encompassing world of female beauty: fashion, makeup, hair coloring and styling. The company is interested in entering the Indian market and thereby interested in collaborating with local publishing companies who would be interested in tying up with them.

First published 30 years ago, the publication has managed to keep up on top of the game by combining a unique all-inclusive approach towards the hairdresser and its clients. Offering not only inspiration for the professionals but, also, entertainment for the clients by providing articles covering travel, music and books

The “Queen International” is an Italian beauty centric magazine targeting the world of female beauty: fashion, makeup, hair coloring and styling. It is currently composed of four different localized editions, reaching out to the Central European, Benelux, Latin American and Arab Markets. 4 editions of the magazine are released every year.

Prince International, established in 2002 is a magazine dedicated to men. Fashion, hairstyle, beauty and current events: these are the key themes of the magazine which gives ample prominence to the images signed by international stylists. This was wholly an idea that was created to give the male sector a valid and complete overview of the Style and New Trends.

The Rainbow Collection: Hardback technical books in colour print. An encyclopedia collection of didactic books with step-by-step instructions to teach the philosophy, history and technical aspects of the most famous international stylists.

Queen International is looking for Local Publishing companies in India to collaborate with. 

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