Looking for manufacturers of Lithium Ion batteries in India

Riedhammer is the world’s leading kiln plant manufacturer. With 95 years of know-how, innovative technology and excellence in the fields of carbon, ceramics and sanitaryware they are the perfect partner for customers seeking advanced, reliable technological solutions for all firing processes. They provide and install complete plant solutions that extend both upstream and downstream from the kiln – worldwide.

Their core business is to provide technological and innovative solutions for all thermal processes

Riedhammer, a Germany company 100% owned by SACMI Imola group, Italy, is looking forward to doing business with Indian companies dealing with the cathode and anode Lithium Battery (LiB) powder production.

The Advanced Material BU includes product/technology for the LiB business:

  • Solutions for following process steps
  •   Thermal treatment for Li-Ion battery powder materials
  •   Processes for all cathode materials like NCM, NCA, LFP, high-nickel, LCO, LMO, precursor
  •   Processes for all anode materials like graphite, graphite composites.
  •   Customized process and product requirements
  •   Sintering / Calcination
  •   1st baking / Re-baking processes

Wide product range (< 9.000 kiln plants built worldwide so far)

Long experience in industrial kiln plants and heat treatment

Thermal treatment for battery powder materials

Riedhammer kilns are used all over the world

Reliable technology also suitable for most demanding requirements to produce Lithium battery materials regarding atmosphere, temperature homogeneity, heating and cooling rates or chemical resistance

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