Looking for Importers and Distributors from the Cosmetics Industry in India

The company Sebovit Srl is made up of independent doctors and pharmacists, engaged for years in the research of innovative natural products in the trichological field. They experiment with the use of medicinal plants and their plant active ingredients to counter the most common problems related to hair and scalp.

The numerous collaborations with various Italian university research centers and with leading companies in the production of natural products have helped them to create their innovative brands namely RE-HAIR line & KOSMIMA

Re-Hair: a line of natural products, that help to solve a lot of problems related to the hair and scalp such as: seasonal fall, thinning, dermatitis, dandruff and hyper production of sebum.

Re-Hair offers highly specific products, rich in organic plant extracts coming from medicinal plants, ensuring efficacy and safety for those who use them.

All products are dermatologically tested at Università degli Studi di Ferrara and naturally free of dyes, preservatives, silicones and petrolatum and the only natural lotion for hair, without glycolepropylene

Kosmima– The company’s research laboratories have created a line of high-quality natural cosmetics, effective and with beneficial effects visible from the first application itself. Thanks to the stimulating and protective action of Vitis Vinifera, all Kosmima products are synonymous with quality, safety and efficacy.

KOSMIMA caters to:-

  • Kosmima Eyebrow Serum a Serum which helps strengthen and improve eyebrow volume, which results in visibly thicker and healthier hair growth.
  • Hair lotion – with Vitis Vinifera bud extract that is suitable for men and women. It has a strengthening, anti-fall, sebum normalizing and protective. Packaged in vials, Kosmima lotion helps revitalize the hair bulb and support its physiological activity.

Sebovit is looking for Importers and Distributors from the Cosmetics Industry in India to launch their brands Kosmima’s and Re-Hair’s range of products. 

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