Looking for Importers & Distributors for Sports Goods & partnering with Tennis Academies for their specialised products in India

The company focuses on all its marketing initiatives to create demand by organizing as many on-court opportunities as possible for tennis players to experience SNAUWEART superior products and services, which include :

  • Rackets
  • Strings
  • Grips and Dampeners
  • Bags
  • Padel Racquets

66 Grand Slams wins | in their DNA since 1928 represents QUALITY, DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY, PERFORMANCE | #weservetennis

SNAUWAERT directly connects with tennis players, passionately assisting them in their best product choice and staying in contact with them before and after the purchase for a better game experience.

Only SNAUWAERT’s tennis rackets have a bone structure, which is shaped according to the frame local loads, always protruding toward the convex side of the frame and offering higher resistance to bending and twisting forces. While not going into detail on all these bones, just be informed that it all comes down to this: unmatched resistance to flex and torsion, resulting in superior frame responsiveness and ball trajectory control.

SNAUWAERT is looking for importers and distributors in India, for Sports Goods and partnering with Tennis Academies for their specialized products in India

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