YOSONO – YO4 Masks

Looking for Partners in India

For YOSONO, a well-thought-out design must offer comfort and satisfy the eye as well. This resulted in a unique, innovative accessory, more useful now than ever before: lavishly designed personal protective equipment conceived to keep up with the practicality and comfort that modern times require.

Work, leisure, sports shopping: wherever you are, YO4 Mask is with you. 

The advantages of any YO4 Mask are the Reusability (reuse the frame and dispose of the filter), Sanitizability (you can sanitize the frame every time you use it), Flexibility (Perfect adherence to fit the face) and the extremely low cost per mask (due to the possibility to wash and re-use the filters up to 7 or even 30 times (depending on the type of the mask) without loose the initial filtering power)

Any YO4 Mask also holds the following characteristics:

✓ Internationally patented project
✓ CE certified class I for medical use
✓ Full Coverage: full coverage of nose and mouth for a complete protection
✓ Ergonomic and lightweight design for a better breathing
✓ Suitable for many activities and everyday usage

YOSONO is looking for partners in India to bring their unique patented YO4 Masks to the Indian market. 

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